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Dark Faith: Last Rites chapbook cover

April 22, 2010
by Jason Sizemore

In case you’re wondering…Dark Faith: Last Rites is the special edition chapbook that accompanies the first 500 pre-orders from the Apex Book Store.

Last Rites contains the following stories:
“Little Gods” by Sara Genge
“The Taste of Memories” by Nate Southard
“Ant Maker” by Paul Jessup
“Taste of Our Indiscretions” by Bob Ford
“That Singing Sea” by Toiya Finley

It will feature interior art by Alex McVey. Cover art by Steve Gilberts. Cover design by Justin Stewart.

As you can see, between Last Rites and Dark Faith, we’ve spared no expense.

We’ve set the bar high…way high on this one. Our goal is 400 pre-orders (Why not 500? Because the first 100 attendees of Mo*Con will receive a copy of Dark Faith and Last Rites as part of their membership package).

They’re going fast, especially with 100 committed to Mo*Con! Pre-order your copy today!

Below is the final cover art to the Last Rites. Shiny! Click on a full sized version.


And once more here is the final cover art to Dark Faith.


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